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Our Top Crypto Funds

These meticulous selections of diversified crypto
assets give you broad exposure to the market.

Index Fund

This fund aims at giving more stable returns with lesser risk. Over a period of time this fund has always outperformed Bitcoin.



The fund brings you a curated basket of the top projects working in metaverse. This basket is about investing in the future.


Emerging Blockchain

Fund aims to invest only in those projects, which provides a platform to launch tokens, smart contracts & decentralized applications.



What is WeGain?

We make high performing and low risk crypto baskets for crypto investors to diversify their portfolio in a simple and secure way.

The crypto in these baskets is meticulously selected to give higher return on investment with a lowest possible risk.

The basket of crypto are rebalanced using Artificial Intelligent portfolio balancing strategies. You can be confident that, regardless of the changes in the market, your position will be adjusted to keep you on track.

How it works Get started in minutes

An easy to use investment platform for newcomers as well as experts. Other platforms let you buy crypto. We help you invest in crypto in the most profitable and risk free manner.

Sign up for a free account.

Simple and easy signup process, also earn crypto rewards by referring friends and family.

Select the crypto basket as per your risk profile.

Choose from various carefully curated crypto funds, created for various risk and return appetite.

Make your first investment and get tokenized basket in your wallet.

Deposit, transact or withdraw at anytime. All the funds are tokenized, you can also transfer the fund in your wallet.


All the investments can be transferred to your wallet anytime.

Proven Strategy

We have a proven track record of return for over 3 years.

Managed Risk

We use AI bot and portfolio balancing for better risk management.

Unique benefits of WeGain

WeGain offers professional funds managed by crypto experts.

We take your hassle away of finding the right crypto currencies for Investments, out of 1000’s of crypto assets to make a safer investment.

WeGain Rewards

Earn crypto on every signup by referring this
platform using your referrer link, to your friends and family.

Loved by Investors
around the world

We have investors who trusted us from around the world, because we are able to give consistent returns over a long period of time, Our baskets have  always outperformed Bitcoin in every rise, and in case of a fall, our risk management techniques, have reduced the effect of fall.

Have Any Questions?

Below we’ve provided a few common questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch at info@wegain.tech .

What is WeGain?

WeGain provides a simple and easy to use platform for investing in crypto.

Why WeGain?

Higher returns, low risk and very easy, simple and secure platform, where you can invest with zero knowledge.

What are the fees?

WeGain only charge a 1% fee when you sell an investment in profit. We don’t charge anything while investing.

Do you have a mobile app?

No, app is under development, which will be launched before May 2022

What currencies can I use to make deposits?

You can deposit in BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, XRP, ADA and few more.

What networks can I use to transfer the currencies?

You can use Ethereum, BEP-20 and TRON network for cheaper transfers.

What are the risks involved?

Investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Although we take crypto decisions meticulously to minimize risks.

When can I make a withdrawal?

There are no lock-in period at WeGain, you can withdraw anytime after your investment.

How long does it take my funds to be allocated into my account?

It takes not more than 60 min to transfer the funds to your wallet.

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