7 Tips For Beginners To Invest in Wegain Crypto Currency Mutual Fund

“Cryptocurrency” has gained a massive momentum in the past few years. People especially the young heard is heading towards investing in this cryptocurrency simply because of its enormous growth and high returns. So if you are someone who is willing to invest in this form of currency. Here at WeGain, even if you don’t have any knowledge about Crypto we will help you investing in various types of Cryptocurrencies by investing in our Crypto Mutual Fund. Incorporating your investment with advanced form of technologies subjected to least risk.

So let us deep dive into the topic to understand why should one invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more and what are the 7 basic tips that a beginner should keep in mind before investing in this digital form of currency. 

Why Should One Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Talking a bit of the Crypto journey this digital currency began accelerating a few years back and today it has become an investment choice of the masses. And few reasons behind this inclination include the escalation in value of Bitcoin which today has reached to $47172.00 form $1, Anonymity (demanding no identity proof) during investment, supported by blockchain technology (keeps your data encrypted and making it non-traceable). This all together drives users to invest in it.

If investors are unable to research properly, here at WeGain we help them to invest their money in Crypto Mutual Fund, by selecting the best Cryptocurrencies bringing an hassle free investment method close to you.

So if this digital currency investment has gathered your interest. Let us check out some key tips to be kept in mind before beginning the journey of investment.

7 Tips for Beginners Planning To Invest Crypto Currency or Crypto Mutual Fund

1. Choose a Perfect Trading Platform

This is one of the crucial and initial steps towards beginning investing in Crypto digital currency. Choosing a perfect trading platform helps you scoop the best results with least hassle. As of now their are ample of trading sites and apps but choosing one out of all the available options is pretty tedious. So to minimize the burden here are few things to be kept in mind before choosing an investing platform. First, the exchange and investment process should be smooth, the platform should allow you understand the trading pattern, to add, what could be better if the platform does the work for you.

So if you are searching a platform that maximizes gains minimizes risk and losses. Then you can choose to invest via WeGain. At WeGain you make one single investment in Crypto Mutual Fund, and then we diversify your money in various outperforming Cryptos. WeGain is equipped with AI technology to automatically rebalance portfolio in its cryptocurrency based mutual funds.

2. Choose Your Cryptocurrency or Invest in Crypto Mutual Fund

This is the second most important step towards investment. Choosing the best currency amongst all the available options is the most vital step to excavate best results. Amongst all the available cryptocurrencies as of now Bitcoin which has become almost synonymous to the word cryptocurrency and it standout the market. But the volatility of the prices of these coins doesn’t make the ongoing prices as a reliable indicator of their future growth.

So it becomes absolutely essential to choose a cryptocurrency and keep changing it with other currencies that have competitive value. For eg. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum is somewhat grasping limelight and is competing Bitcoin to a large extent. But if you do not wish to fall in the research process then invest via WeGain. We create your portfolio comprising of few cryptocurrecies with varying percentage having potential to rise in future. Since WeGain Crypto Mutual Fund platform is equipped with AI technology it automatically rearranges the percentage of crypto currencies in case of any fluctuation in the rate of currencies. Thereby maximizing returns and protecting you from any major loss, that may happen due to volatility of these currencies.

3. Begin Slow

Being a beginner it is advisable to begin slow. Initially investing less and understanding more will help you trade well with these digital currencies in future. And beginning slow will even protect you from any major loss that you may encounter accidentally due to fluctuations in cost of Bitcoin or other crytocurrencies. Further user can initially start investing through WeGain Crypto Mutual Fund and familiarize with rise and fall of this market and then start their individual selection of Cryptos.

4. Study Trends

If you have firmly decided to invest in this form of digital currency and wish to scoop best results than it is better for you to study market. How are these plunges happening? How is the rate of Cryptocurrency influenced by top investment advisor or any celebrity? For eg. Past few months were roller coaster for Bitcoin as it was influenced by statements of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. So if you want to be an intelligent investor then studying the trends is essential as it will help you to predict future possibilities and about to happen fluctuations.

5. Store Your Cryptocurrency

As you need a wallet to keep your money. To store your Crypto you need a wallet too. Be it a hot wallet or cold wallet. Because that will help you in both trade and exchange. Assign a secure public and private key to your wallet for generating sheaths of protection. The public key will be visible to all while the private key will be under your security. And inorder to make an exchange or investment one will require both the keys i.e the private and public key.

6. Secure Your Crypto

Under the blockchain technology the cryptocurrencies are already under safeguard. But if you want to add an extra layer of security which is essential due to obvious reasons then making your transactions happen through VPN (for eg. NordVPN, Express VPN, etc.) That will make your transactions more secure and keep your details encrypted.

7. Trade via Other Cryptocurrencies As Well

Since the value of these cryptocurrencies in extremely volatile, expecting the growth to be stable and plunge to be minimal is a lame thought. The currency at the top now can decline massively the next day, so spending every ounce of your money in a single crptocurrency is not a great idea, hence the better plan would be dividing your investment to 2-3 different cryptocurrencies performing well at that particular time to be on a safer side. If you are not having any knowledge of analysis of these Cryptos, WeGain has launched the World’s first AI powered Crypto Currency Mutual Fund. Through which by investing in just one fund, you get an exposure in various Cryptos in a balanced way.


Follow these tips to give a positive kick start to your Crypto trading. And if you wish to gain maximum results by investing minimum time then invest in WeGain Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund and enjoy your Cryptocurrency trading.