Best Crypto Mutual Fund

What is a Crypto Fund?

Crypto funds are pools of money taken from many people and invested by professionals into various crypto currencies/securities. The value of fund is calculated in terms of NAV. When the investments made by Crypto Fund rises, then the NAV also rises accordingly, which results in profits in the hands of Investors.

Crypto Funds are available in many different categories depending on your needs and interests. Funds can be broadly diversified, focusing on growth or value crypto currencies, or can specialize in nature of their project or penny but potential crypto currencies and so on. 

World’s First Crypto Mutual Fund

The World’s First Crypto  Fund What Does it Offer?

The fund will give investors exposure to more than 100 cryptocurrencies at a low cost of $100. The investment strategy all the funds are different. For example, Our Main Index fund act as a barometer of crypto market, so it invests in the 15 most popular cryptocurrencies in different proportions. The fund will be listed on the leading Exchange for trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Binance Coin and other major currencies.

Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Cryptocurrency Fund

The pros of investing in a crypto fund are the diversity of the portfolio, access to good quality research, lower correlation, and diversification benefits. The fund will also managed by AI technology, to give various alerts and notifications.

The cons are that, if there is overall fall in the crypto market, value of your investment may remain same or go down.

Crypto Funds invest only in the crypto markets and details about each fund is available on WeGain Website.

WeGain Crypto Mutual Fund


The cryptocurrency hype continues to grow. The total market cap has increased exponentially within the last few years. Cryptocurrency is now a $2 Trillion industry with over 5000 different cryptocurrencies. However, not everyone is familiar with digital assets or trading. As a result, WeGain has created Crypto Funds that will help investors to get exposure in crypto markets.